World Digital Innovation Half-Day Online Conclave – (SGT)

    Theme – Time to Transform, Perform and  Evolve

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — CHARLES DARWIN

    Designed specifically for executives, business leaders, and strategists, the APAC Digital Transformation Summit 2020 is part of our Asia Pacific event series. This year we look to go beyond the buzz-word of ‘transformation’ and focus on an agenda packed full of useful insights enabling you to leave the event brimming with takeaways ready to implement.

    The theme for the 2020 World Digital Innovation Half-Day Online Conclave is “Time to Perform, Transform and Evolve” in which we invite you to explore, exchange ideas on what has worked, what has not, and shape together the evolving relationship of how we leverage technology. The overall goal of the event is to provide inspiring content and networking opportunities to drive internal change and to hear success cases first hand from the leaders managing change.

    We have previously welcomed some of the most forward thinking digital leaders and practitioners from across the world to the event series and our 2020 event will be our biggest and boldest event to date covering an array of topics sharing their digital journeys.

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    The agenda will be made up of keynote presentations, workshop facilitators, roundtable discussions, presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats and networking opportunities.  

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    Do you wonder? -----

    How come few organizations created a MONOPOLY in the market?

    What made few of the FORTUNE 500 companies to exist NO more?

    How come few start-up brought DISRUPTIONS overnight?

    What makes an organization to BE AGILE, rather just DOING AGILE?

    & what do organizations need to make sure to SUSTAIN & THRIVE in this VUCA world?

    I am looking at innovation at scale from the perspective of the rainmakers of two different times and generations: Thomas Alva Edison and Steve Jobs. They created markets that never existed. They have changed the fundamental business principles. Introduced new parameters to the industries. And the old ones didn't make lot of sense. Edison's success is not invention of bulbs. He brought electricity to streets and homes for the bulbs to light. Steve Jobs success is not iPhone. But iPod. It came at a time when nobody needed it. It created a platform for Apple to innovate. He created "multiples" by "subtracting" a concept used in Blue Ocean strategy. The future of job market is important. Your new idea can't be about coal mining and petroleum dwelling. Those industries will have longer life time. but what jobs people will perform 20 years from now. These rainmakers changed the nature of jobs the next two generations will have.

    How do you scale innovation, especially when you don't even have a market? What strategies are adopted by organizations from being a start up to become stars. How these companies go about creating the new kind of job markets and creating a significant impact on the future of economies and fortune for investors.
    Note to team:
    I will be sharing the common patterns used by Edison and Steve Jobs. (I have read their biographies, followed some of their inventions along with other sources and have created my own analogies ). Will also refer to another study I have made on World's top football teams. Will also be referring to McDonald's, Amazon and Tesla to provide a cross industry perspective.

    Decipher digital marketing jargon, understand what kinds of digital playbooks to use in specific situations and the importance of engagement more than acquisition in this day and age..

    Vedanarayanan Vedantham
    SME Business Head
    I have helped build, grow multiple digital products & brands across Health-Tech, Ed-Tech and online travel. Possess a varied mix of global experiences spanning Digital Marketing, Brand Consulting, Product Management & Business Development. I consult with early-stage startups directly or through incubators on branding, digital marketing & help them evaluate product-market fitment. I am also a visiting faculty member at various top b-schools in the country where I conduct programs on digital marketing, mobile marketing, influencer marketing, services marketing, product marketing.
    Yash Pal
    Agile Coach
    Standard Price
    (Till 01 Oct)
    SGD 50

    Includes Certification in Digital Innovation, Lunch and evening drinks, AM and PM Tea/Coffee, Conference Goodies, Free licenses from suppliers and Free APAC Forums membership for one year with discounts worth $1000 across 15 high quality events.

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