World Digital Innovation Half-Day Online Conclave – (BST)

    Theme – Time to Transform, Perform and  Evolve

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — CHARLES DARWIN

    Designed specifically for executives, business leaders, and strategists, the APAC Digital Transformation Summit 2020 is part of our Asia Pacific event series. This year we look to go beyond the buzz-word of ‘transformation’ and focus on an agenda packed full of useful insights enabling you to leave the event brimming with takeaways ready to implement.

    The theme for the 2020 World Digital Innovation Half-Day Online Conclave is “Time to Perform, Transform and Evolve” in which we invite you to explore, exchange ideas on what has worked, what has not, and shape together the evolving relationship of how we leverage technology. The overall goal of the event is to provide inspiring content and networking opportunities to drive internal change and to hear success cases first hand from the leaders managing change.

    We have previously welcomed some of the most forward thinking digital leaders and practitioners from across the world to the event series and our 2020 event will be our biggest and boldest event to date covering an array of topics sharing their digital journeys.

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    The agenda will be made up of keynote presentations, workshop facilitators, roundtable discussions, presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats and networking opportunities.  

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    There are many reasons why agility helps customers, end-users, organizations & the world. There are many thinking facilitation options for teams, for teams of teams, for change agents, for mid-level leaders in large organizations, and execs in small organizations. But what is available for executive leaders in larger organizations? Let's look at some scenarios.

    Will talk about importance of a web defined long term strategy, and arriving at road map. Business data collection, to establishing a culture of data driven decision to democratization of data and then creating customer focus products to generate revenue using the data collected.

    With AI models becoming a norm in today’s fast paced world; should we consider the ‘responsibility’ of the AI models? Can a model be sensitive to the impact it is going to make when it predicts? Is this even possible? In this short 60 minute session; we go through the nuances behind this argument – and demonstrate what is possible with the latest tools and technologies available to us on the Azure AI Platform.

    Digital Platforms and Ecosystems – Powering the future of Digital Economy
    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is enabled by new digital and physical technologies with almost limitless applicability – and huge implications for the economy and society. New business models are being leveraged not only by emerging organizations but also by traditional entities, which view them as either complementary to well-established models or as potential replacements of their core businesses. The subsequent economic disruption has indeed been revolutionary. In a few short years, the ranking of most valuable companies by market capitalization has totally shifted to being dominated by one business model – digital platforms and ecosystems.
    Digital Platforms and Ecosystems is not only a topic on almost every corporate board’s agenda, but also the digital platform models already dominate our daily lives and our experiences as consumers, employees, community members and citizens – this has also been launched as an initiative by the World Economic Forum under the platform “Shaping the future of Digital Economy and New Value Creation”.
    Markets have existed for millennia, yet properties of platforms and ecosystems are different and new. Where product firms, protect their profits with barriers to entry, platform firms make profits by lubricating the entry of drivers on Lyft and merchant shops on Alibaba. Where product firms’ best supply chains use just-in-time inventory, platform firms beat that model selling goods and services whose marginal costs they do not incur. Market boundaries blur and new paths to dominance emerge. Pioneers ranging from Amazon to Lyft and Zillow and from Airbnb to Klöckner and ZBJ are disrupting the retail, healthcare, real estate, banking, lodging and steel industries, and labour markets. Incumbent firms must grapple with predicting change and comprehending network business models in order to shape their own platform strategies. Comprehension and strategy begin with a new logic. The session aims to shed light on the platform approach based on the speaker’s own experience in launching a “Private Marketplace” and associated Supply Chain leveraging an asset-lite 4PL model.

    When it comes to Scaling Product Management a view on this is ... Don't Do It! Don't Do It! Don't Do It!
    Join the this talk to learn the reason why Scaling as a strategy could be bad for your Organisation, Product and what to do about.
    Why De-scaling in the completely the opposite direction can potentially optimise your organisation towards Business Agility.
    Your take away will be leaning about the potential risks of Scaling, the benefits of De-scaling and possible next steps.

    Jainendra Kumar
    Senior Director of Product Development – Software and Head GDC India
    John Coleman
    Agility Strategist, Coach, Trainer
    John Coleman is an active practitioner with 15+ years of experience in growing sustainable agility. Learn from John's breadth & depth of current case studies with the latest trends and some leading & not yet well-known patterns. John's detailed profile is at, and his creativity timeline is at
    Yash Pal
    Agile Coach
    (Till 25 Sep)
    GBP 50

    Includes Certification in Digital Innovation, Lunch and evening drinks, AM and PM Tea/Coffee, Conference Goodies, Free licenses from suppliers and Free APAC Forums membership for one year with discounts worth $1000 across 15 high quality events.

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