APAC E-Governance Innovation Summit – Online (AEST)

    Theme – Same Purpose, Different Roadmaps


    Who is the Conference for?

    • Government decision-makers and strategists from Australia implementing national e-Governance strategies
    • Organisations supporting the development of open, transparent and efficient governance practices via IT solutions
    • Companies developing e-Governance applications and assisting governments with their implementation

    The agenda will be made up of keynote presentations, workshop facilitators, roundtable discussions, presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats and networking opportunities.  

    Our Speakers and audience will be from public sector decision-makers from different regions of the country, in charge of e-governance development at all levels of administration. Additionally, donor organisations and development cooperation agencies shall be invited together with representatives of the business community.

    Our speaker line up and agenda will be announced by July 2020. Book your super early bird tickets now and get the best pass price available with additional extras only available to those booking early.

    Australia and global systems are constantly under attack from a wide range of adversaries that seek to disrupt or disable Australian business, government, critical infrastructure services and the military mission. Dev-Ops and Agile are methods business’s use to speed up the evolution and innovation of their products and services – Cyber Assurance: Test and Re-Test needs to keep pace with Dev-Ops and Agile deployments to ensure the resilience and reliability of these critical services is maintained. Our nations highest levels of national security and military face the same problems – but with more advanced and resourced adversary; and must continue to operate in the harshest environments when all else fails.

    AAA Labs was created to address these business problems and matters of trust and sharing of risks and vulnerabilities, and support government and industry vendors to maintain a higher pace of secure and reliable evolution and innovation without compromising services and performance in the Grey-Zone of constant and highly-resource Cyber attack.

    Is there really a big difference between actual and non e-governance? What is the difference between e-governance and governance? If we remove the ‘e’ out of e-governance, it is just governance. Organisations need to look at the governance aspect and its standing. If an organisation does not have a robust governance practice and fit-for-purpose at the start, the organisation will not have an adequate e-governance. Is cyber security more critical at home than at work? It should not be! the practice of cyber security should not differ from a workplace, why you ask? it is true that at work all the security measures are performed and enforced by the organisation, whereas at home we are all personally responsible and accountable. Use the organisational practice at home, this may be the time that employers start to incorporate security measures for their employees at the work place and at the study place [at home]. Understanding what employers do in the workplace will help assist the security measures for employees when they have to work at home. Some organisation sends their employees a security check list for working from home, a similar security check list that is currently in place in most work places.

    In the digital reality, technology is no longer just the enabler and it is what it is to be human, the ability to continuously learn and evolve. The approaches and techniques that worked yesterday, may no longer be the optimum approach for the future. Historically, human processes have been based on linear, sequential activities highly suitable to be replaced by digital engineering practices such as Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). However, robots are no longer mimicking human behaviours, but far surpassing our greatest expectations, traditional hardware and software are now becoming independent self-aware intelligent entities as they continue our Digital Transformation journey. After spending the last two years helping prepare the UK government for Brexit, Jonathon will share an innovative approach to adopting next generation technologies. Blurring the boundaries with Intelligent Operations (AIOps) and Chaos Engineering adoption becoming ever more prevalent and resilient in the face of unpredictable failure modes.

    Jonathon Wright
    Dr. S. PitchumaniAngayarkanni
    Associate Professor
    Balakerthy Punyakoti
    Head of Asia Retail Risk Models and Advanced Analytics/Senior Vice President
    Balakerthy is the regional Head of retail risk models at HSBC Asia Pacific Region. He manages both regulatory risk and business risk models and is responsible for delivery of advanced analytics projects including development of machine learning and AI Models and strategies. He has extensive experience in building and managing credit analytics function for retails and wholesale products across different markets. He has led successful interaction with regulators ,audit and independent review functions.
    Kapil Lodha
    Vice President – Head of BFS Consulting & Transformation, UK/Europe
    Meera Sanghvi
    Robotics Global Program Lead for P2P Vertical
    Shantanu Bhattacharya
    CTO and Co-Founder
    I am a NED, Co-Founder, Director, Chief Technology Officer and Enterprise Architect with over eighteen years of executive and board-level experience across the public and commercial sectors with particular expertise in information technology, healthcare and defence industries.I am a committee member as a NED. In an executive capacity, I am a Co-Founder, Director and Chief Technology Officer with PhonePass, where I am leading product development and contributing to strategic investment opportunities. I am also Fujitsu Australia’s Enterprise Architect, where I am providing expert technology services and strategic advice to various enterprises and federal agencies and internally. Before this, I was a Senior Consulting Architect with The Architecture Practice, where I led the development of strategic service-oriented architecture across the Department of Defence platforms. I also have experience working with the Board and Executive Leadership Team of Entity Three and its client, where I strategised sales and marketing programs for a multinational company.
    Bevan Jones
    Managing Director
    Professor Eric Tsui
    Professor & Senior Educational Development
    Standard Price
    Till 31 July
    AUD 100
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