Zubair Baig
    Senior Lecturer, Cyber Security
    Zubair Baig (B.S., M.S., Ph.D., CISSP) is a cyber security professional based in Melbourne. He is presently a senior lecturer in cyber security at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. He has previously undertaken complex and mission critical cyber security projects, and has an impeccable track record as a cyber security inventor, academic, researcher and consultant. He has two US patents and eighty research articles in international journals and conferences. In addition, he has been interviewed on radio and TV channels on numerous occasions and has delivered more than a dozen keynote talks on cyber security internationally.
    Rahul Golash
    VP, Emerging Technology
    An accomplished, hands-on Program Manager with a couple of decades experience in the capital market (primarily the US), Infrastructure Management verticals working with some big enterprises, e.g. Broadridge Financial Solutions and Siemens. Have been active in Blockchain space since 2017, architecting and coding products and services. Currently, leading the effort of developing Blockchain Platform ledgerium.io at BlockLedger Pty Ltd.
    Stefano Tempesta
    CTO @ SXiQ
    Dr. Isaac Balbin
    Founder, Chairman and CEO
    Dr. Isaac Balbin is a technical entrepreneur that holds a PhD in electrical engineering and has achieved commercial success multiple times in his career. Dr. Balbin is currently the founder, vision-holder and CEO of Parsl. Parsl is the smart tracking company that is framing the future of the cannabis industry making every step of the seed-to-sale process clearer and easier for everyone from consumers to businesses owners to regulators. We are removing the logistical obstacles in the cannabis industry to allow this incredible plant to produce the societal impact it was always meant to have.
    Miriam Hochwald
    Data scientist
    Miriam Hochwald is a rare combination of data scientist, visual artist and leader based in Sydney, Australia. Her unique visual and pattern thinking styles intuit solutions to difficult problems in a rapidly changing world. She translates complexity and communicate to people from diverse domains and life experience. A mindset of consultative leadership is maintained, listening to peers and coaching as a senior to the next generation. Experienced in startups, education, research, telco, energy, mining and defense. Currently persuing a Data Science startup and postgraduate studies within Entrepreneurship, Data Science and Visual Art
    Sudip Gupta
    Vice President Smart Processes
    I currently lead the Process Management and Automation department in Morgan Stanley focussing on BPM, RPA, CRM, intelligent systems and platforms. For over a decade, I have worked as Process Management / Automation Architect across NA / EMEA countries and have helped large organizations streamline their Automation Platforms and tooling to achieve Continuous Improvement (CI). I have done my Bachelors in Computer Science from SRM University, Chennai and Post Graduation in Management from University of California, Los Angeles.
    Kiriti Rambhatla
    Head of Operations Intelligence
    Sourabh Dhariwal
    Directory, Advisory
    Subhodeep Brahma
    Manager, Advisory – Performance Improvement
    Prasad Ganesh
    Director - Intelligent Automation