APAC Digital Transformation Summit (Online)

    Theme – Transform, Perform and  Evolve in 2020


    “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — CHARLES DARWIN

    Designed specifically for executives, business leaders, and strategists, the APAC Digital Transformation Summit 2020 is part of our Asia Pacific event series. This year we look to go beyond the buzz-word of ‘transformation’ and focus on an agenda packed full of useful insights enabling you to leave the event brimming with takeaways ready to implement.

    Digital Transformation isn’t something new and as such we are building our 2020 agenda to feature the many facets of digital in business with the latest thinking on innovation within digital. Drawing on learnings from those who are continuously transforming & innovating, the event will bring together business leaders spearheading digital initiatives in various parts of the business.

    We have previously welcomed some of the most forward thinking digital leaders and practitioners from across the world to the event series and our 2020 event will be our biggest and boldest event to date covering an array of topics with over 20 speakers sharing their digital journeys.

    The agenda will be made up of keynote presentations, workshop facilitators, roundtable discussions, presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats and networking opportunities.  

    Best practices while attending online conference:

    • Login to your system with the login detail 10 minutes prior to the start time
    • Should be connected to a good network to avoid interruptions.
    • Should be at a quiet place while taking your session.
    • Ensure all other windows are closed and no application is running. This will ensure good audio and video quality
    • Mute yourself if not expected to speak
    • Do ask the question via chat box to keep the session lively.
    • You can Ask questions

    Loyalty is not a new term to marketers, however, it is quickly becoming a winning proposition for brands all across the world. Since the emergence of digitisation through e-commerce and digital payment infrastructure a new chapter of loyalty programs has arrived.

    Marketers need to shift their focus from creating absent cookie cutter one-size-fits-all loyalty programs to immersive personalised and unique loyalty experiences. We need to start being responsive to customers across the channels of their preference, relevant to customers based on their changing needs and enable them to choose how they would like to be rewarded.

    Covid-19 has globally caused havoc to the economies. Businesses and governments are fighting hard to get out of it in the near term. Digital technologies can play an important role. This presentation shall review the role of these technologies and particularly quantify some potential economic impact of adoption of these technologies.

    • What is Digital CX
    • Examples of Digital platforms to prioritize digital customer experience efforts on.
    • How and why to map your digital customer experience journey
    • How to improve digital customer experiences.
    • Digital CX survey examples scenarios

    In Australia, energy sector is facing tremendous competition within country. In this session, i am going to talk about Energy Australia and similar other digital savy competitors initiatives and it's potential to compete others across the globe. Stay tuned...

    In today’s constantly evolving markets, the need for innovation is as important as ever. Every company wants and needs to be innovative — “able — over an extended period of time — to create value and sustain/increase the market share. The question is not so much about being more effective and efficient about ideas, but to create a system that allows the business to scale up without the need to add resources proportionally. Where Are You on an Innovation Scale?

    There is a growing convergence of AI and RPA. This symbiosis of RPA and AI opens up exciting and newer opportunities and applications. From autonomous BOTs and cognitive Bots to self learning automation and natural language processing, machine vision, etc. we are progressing in a new era of human Bot collaboration. In this presentation we will discuss how AI and RPA can be a potent combination discuss some exciting applications and use cases.

    5G coupled with Wi-Fi 6 could change the way we live and work. In a world where access to the internet and your data has become a necessity for every business, the new superfast internet speeds and high bandwidth efficiency that 5G and Wifi6 technologies will deliver are something worth getting excited about.
    Over the next 30 min, you will understand how both these technologies can complement each other and create more business opportunities

    Pranav Kumar
    Senior Partner Development Manager
    Products are Experiences & Experiences are about People. Pranav manages all three powered by Data. A Seasoned Management Consultant & Corporate Strategist- 13+ years of extensive experience in Digital Strategy, Products & Services leading assignments involving Strategic business initiatives, new business roll-outs & strategy implementation, assisting CXOs & Business teams with innovative uses of Processes & Technology driving revenue and creating business value. (Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/krpranav/)
    Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, PhD
    Consulting Economist & Affiliate Lecturer
    Darshan Dave
    Executive Leader, Coach and Mentor
    Vinay Managoli
    Director, GSI Programs
    Seasoned Sales and Alliances professional with 15+ years of extensive experience and consistent track record in leading multiple strategic initiatives and engagements, sales and BD, GTM via GSI alliances. An avid learner and technology enthusiast, Vinay has always been a keen contributor towards creating new age services. In past, he has worked with Dell, Oracle and Adobe
    Kedar Deo
    Vice President
    Sam Moyosore
    Senior Business Analyst
    Sam Moyosore is a Motivated Business Analyst with significant years of experience within the financial services domain, delivering Process improvement and Regulatory projects, Business change, Digital Transformation programme covering Payments, Wealth management, Credit policies, and Risk Remediation Initiatives In order to Transform Customer Experience and Deliver Business value.
    Billy Loizou
    Vice President
    As a customer focused design & technology leader; my mission is to help companies drive profitability and create remarkable experiences through human-centred design led innovation. I have over 10 years experience working in software-as-a-service businesses, creative agencies and systems integrators. I have also been lucky enough to work with some of the worlds most renowned and respected brands.
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    AUD 349

    Till September 11, 2020

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